Our office has been worked since the beginning of the Bar profession in the Czech Republic i.e. since 1990. We provide legal advice, represent clients before courts and local authorities, prepare contracts and legal analyses, and provide assistance with debts recovery. Our services are provided in Czech and English. Currently there are three attorneys at law forming an attorney association and one trainee lawyer at our office.


We provide services in the following areas

Our office is focused primarily on providing legal services in civil law either under the new Civil Code (Act no. 89/2012 Sb.), or under the already cancelled Civil Code (Act no. 40/1964 Sb.) and the already cancelled Commercial Code. We are able to provide you with highly professional services in the following areas:

  • Representing in proceedings before courts
  • Preparation of civil contracts (purchase, lease contracts, contracts of donation etc.)
  • Transfer of real estates and land law
  • Custody and maintenance of minor children
  • Divorce law, settlement of community property of spouses
  • Settlement of common ownership
  • Easements
  • Security interest
  • Residential co-ownership, incl. legal questions regarding association of units co-owner
  • Compensation for damages
  • Disputes resulting from unjust enrichment
  • Disputes regarding indemnity insurance payout
  • Securities- bills of exchange

We are also specialized in business corporation law under the Act no. 90/2012 Sb., as amended, by which the Commercial Code in respect of business corporations as of 1 January 2014 was replaced. You can contact us with confidence if you need legal service how to:

  • Form a business corporation or cooperative
  • Ensure that the corporate or foundation documents comply with the new Act on Business Corporations
  • Prepare contracts on performance of the office for governing bodies of business corporations and cooperatives
  • Record changes into the Commercial Register
  • Prepare contractual documents used by business corporations
  • Prevent risks related to the performance of the office of the governing body of a corporation

In this area we are able to provide you with defense either in the case a criminal prosecution was launched against you, or to represent you as an aggrieved party in case you have become a victim of a crime.

We provide complex legal service regarding rights and duties resulting from labour relations for companies as employers as well as for citizens as employees.

We are focused primarily on claims application for insolvency proceedings and legal advice for creditors of debtors against whom the insolvency proceedings was launched.

  Lawyers and Trainee Lawyer


JUDr. Michal Hruška

registered in the list of lawyers kept by the Czech Bar Association under no. 10502

IČ: 71330895

+420 499 815 742

+420 605 905 653

IDDS: 9eyhgdj


  • representation in civil trials
  • labour law
  • business corporation law
  • transfer of real estates
  • bill of exchange law
  • defense in criminal proceedings – economic crimes
  • divorces

JUDr. Milan Poprach

registered in the list of lawyers kept by the Czech Bar Association under no. 2495

IČ: 66214149

+420 499 815 742

+420 731 319 657

IDDS: kr4gjbh


  • specialist in defense in criminal matters

JUDr. Hana Poprachová

registered in the list of lawyers kept by the Czech Bar Association under no. 0809

IČ: 66204780

+ 420 499 815 263

+ 420 731 319 657

IDDS: m6agjh3


  • representation in civil trials
  • divorce proceedings and settlement of community property of spouses
  • family law

Mgr. Jiří Rejl

registered in the list of trainee lawyers kept by the Czech Bar Association under no. 39419

+ 420 499 815 742

+ 420 605 315 830







It has been valid already for a longer time that a person acting as the governing body of a company or a cooperative may not be remunerated for its activity as a governing body based on a work contract in which under his/her position is given “jednatel/governing director” or other activity belonging to corporation management (e.g. director), but solely based on a performance office contract. Under the new act on business corporations each contract on performance of the office must be adapted to this new act not later than by 30 June 2014 otherwise it is valid that the performance of the office is free of charge!!!





telephone: + 420 499 815 742

telephone: + 420 499 815 263

fax: + 420 499 815 263


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